Welcome to Tech-Verse: Book One
Created and Written by: Aloua Dizon
Characters by: Aloua Dizon
Status: Complete
Date Published: October 2014
Date Finished: April 2015

====== [This article may contain spoilers and never mentioned in the story] ======

History/Introduction Edit

The fictional story about technology. Charles Babbage, the first man who invented computer, during in progress, Charles' final touches are failure, causes it the deadly sparks called 'Virus'. So his assistant, Rob Mickeal, sacrified himself to transportalized inside the computer to defeat the virus. The battle was draw, Rob died nor the virus but the virus spreads across Technology and became idle in a next few centuries. Before Charles died in his old age, his final invention is the heart of the conputer called "MotherComputer" and the brain called "CPU" a.k.a. "FatherComputer".

After Charles' death and the peaceful years in Technology, CPU was controlled by the virus. MotherComputer has no choice but to create the new microspark named "Techno A" (Techno is short for Technology) after created a new micropark successfully, an unexpected happen is that MotherComputer deactivated. After her massive shut down, Techno A re-activate Technology and more microsparks created to funtion Technology without MotherComputer.

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