Welcome to Tech-Verse and Cyber-Verse WikiEdit

This wiki is about some information about the characters in the wattpad book called Welcome to Tech-Verse: Book One. Please help us to improve this wiki, it was unfinished.

Summary Of Welcome to Tech-Verse: Book OneEdit

The leader of technology, Techno A, has a job to protect and serve peace against viruses. But her mortal enemy, Cyber A, the most powerful and rarest virus has come to destroy Tech-Verse.

It was twenty-two years to protect Tech-Verse from Cyber A. Techno A creates more Technos as her assistants and extra functional microsparks.

After her Memory Pressure Test, her ex-partner, Techno K, told Techno A that her results are positive. The two went to the laboratory so Techno A check her mail. As she checked the mail, an unexpected virus occured in the whole room and Techno A decided to fight it, then she felt unconcious. Later on, Techno K helped Techno A to heal her and Techno A woke up and told Techno K to leave her alone. Techno K agreed and leave her, so Techno A went back to the mail and it was from Cyber A.


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