Full name: Aloua Giovana Fernandez Dizon
Nickname: Gio
Born: July 24, 2001
Gender: Female
Nationality: Filipino
Occupation: Student and Internet Author
  • Creator
  • Writter

Year of the first

story she wrote:

2013 - 2014

Aloua Dizon is the amateur internet author since 2013. She created and written Welcome to Tech-Verse: Book One. All the characters ideas from the story is the use of her imagination and her obsessive usage of technology.

Aloua can only write stories if she was bored or requested by her closest friends. But in Welcome to Tech-Verse , she just created it with her own in the website called Wattpad but the real book was supposed to be published soon.

As the story is finally finished, Aloua takes a long break to refresh her mind and writes the second book of the series. She said, "It'll be taking some time to refresh my damn for the second book. I'm guessing that the second book is gonna be released in June."

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